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From the President

Greetings to my fellow HREPC members, and welcome to our council's 47th year. Your Board of Directors is working hard to make sure that this will be another successful year in fulfilling our mission to provide quality estate planning education to its members. We plan to continue the tradition of providing diverse and engaging speakers who will provide knowledgeable information in their area of expertise. This will also give our members an opportunity to network and ultimately forge a strong base of available resources.

As part of making this year successful, we will be enhancing the website in two ways. First, by having new membership applications processed online. The online application process will help us to ensure that new members information is added correctly and immediately to the website directory. Second, is allowing members and guests to make a meeting reservation on the website. The online meeting reservation system will allow us to keep better track of individual member attendance helping in our various chapter nominations.

The council is striving to have a continuation of growth in membership, and encourages all members to invite guest to the meetings. Finally, the Board welcomes any suggestions that you may have for us to consider.

I look forward to seeing each of you at our meetings and your continued participation in our council.


Stacy L. Long, CFP®, AIF®, AEP®

2018/2019 President
Todd Preti