Our Purpose



The mission of the Hampton Roads Estate Planning Council is to promote the multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning by supporting its Members We encourage cooperation among Members to create a thorough and comprehensive estate plan for their clients and a better understanding of the role each Member plays in the process.  Our goal is to provide education and learning opportunities for its Members and to increase public awareness of the importance of estate planning by a team of professional advisers.



The Council seeks to provide opportunities for education and learning for its Members so as to promote proper estate planning methods and to provide confidence and guidance in the estate planning process.



  • To serve the best interests of the public, and to promote and enhance the welfare, ethical standards, and best interests of Council and its Members.
  • To establish and maintain a common meeting ground and medium for communication among Council Members, and to promote understanding and harmony among them and with the general public.
  • To improve the stature of the Council and its Members through self-discipline and educational programs, and to improve their qualifications to serve the public and, particularly, their clients.
  • To encourage talented students with high potential to enter the field of estate planning by mentoring and/or sponsoring and implementing vocational guidance and scholarship programs.
  • To promote standards of excellence in its Members.
  • To encourage Members in obtaining accreditation as an Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®).