Virtual Membership Meeting/Webinar

Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Zoom
Speaker: Joseph A. Field, Senior Counsel, Pillsbury

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Webinar Topic: Planning for International Families in a time of COVID-19

Join us for a prerecorded webinar over lunch. We will be live, and showing a prerecorded webinar from NAEPC. 

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Webinar Overview:

This presentation will deal with a number of topics, including what is special for the American practitioner about international families, and what it is they are looking for from their advisor. We will briefly review how they achieve these goals and the tools that are employed to get them there. We will also look at some of the impediments which have arisen in recent years and some particular problems associated with COVID. The program will end with some speculation on where we are headed and a few conclusions.

About our Speaker, Joseph A. Field, Senior Counsel, Estates, Trusts & Tax Planning, Pillsbury :

Joe Field represents international families on structuring their estate planning as well as financial institutions on a variety of financial services, particularly with respect to life insurance.He was the recipient of the Private Asset Management Outstanding Achievement Award for 2018; recipient of the Founders’ award for outstanding achievement from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP); and Head of International Special Interest Group for the Society of Trusts & Estates Practitioners (STEP) 2018-2020.

Mr. Field is a graduate of Princeton University (AB Magna cum Laude) and the Columbia School of Law (JD). He is a member of the California Bar, the New York Bar and the Bar of the District of Columbia. While in France, he was a Conseil Juridique and was a Registered Foreign Lawyer in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Continuing Education:

Continuing education credit is available at most webinars for Accredited Estate Planner® designees.  In addition, a general certificate of completion will be available for those who feel the program satisfies their continuing education requirements and are able to self-file.  It is the responsibility of the attendee to determine whether their state, discipline, or designation will allow one to self-file for a distance-learning program.

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